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IECC Global’s qualified staff has spent years in the educational and employment markets, working with various universities and colleges.


Our considerable experience allows us to work directly with local and international students who want to make the right choice in their education. IECC Global will help connect all the dots while utilizing every option that may be available to you. 


Our primary goal is to become your information provider.


Our strong relationships with the best universities in the world and concise knowledge of their educational programs, financial aid options and other factors allows us to provide students with accurate and detailed information. IECC Global is also planning to provide tuition assistance for talented students.



We help international students in:

  • Filling out the necessary forms.

  • Providing information on schools available for student’s desired choice of major, and choosing the best suitable option.

  • Providing assistance with any questions or concerns that you might have related to the decision-making process, like choosing the best STEM major, available scholarships to study abroad, grant information, student visa requirements, and many others.

  • Evaluating courses you may have completed in your home country or abroad in order to transfer credit hours to a desired school.

  • Placement assistance upon graduation.

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