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In the era of technology, professional development is no longer a nice employee perk, it’s an expected part of every day work.


Over the years as we observe changes in the employment market, we see the increased demand for STEM-related jobs, and more employers are now looking for professionals with proven skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It’s important to understand that these challenges create a need for a new model of workforce training implemented into employees’ daily routines. 


Our goal is to make technical training more accessible, transparent and effortless for businesses, without them spending a fortune on various training solutions that don’t always work. This would be impossible without our team of qualified Mentors.


Being an IECC Global Mentor means being an innovator and leader on top of possessing a variety of skills, including exceptional technical skills and expertise, extensive real-world experience and practical background. 



Join our mentors team and become an IECC Global Mentor!

Anyone who wants to become an IECC Global mentor is welcome to apply by filling out the application form below.

 What we offer to our Mentors:

  • Earn money by teaching online and sharing knowledge about what you know and what you love.

  • Help your Trainees move up the career ladder and learn new skills.

  • Expand your horizons and get to work with numerous businesses across the world.

  • Mentor your Trainees and help them complete real company projects during their on-the-job training.

IECC Global Mentor Application
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