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Did you know that recruiters spend an average of only six seconds reviewing a resume in order for them to decide whether it is worth their attention?

That is more than enough time to find the relevant skills that they want. If the skills on your resume don’t match the job requirements, it will most likely be thrown out. Luckily, even if there are some significant skill gaps, a skill is an ability you can always acquire or improve, and we will be happy to help. 


IECC Global offers a broad range of online job training programs with the focus on manufacturing and information technology training. These programs are designed to help you learn new valuable skills and get work experience while learning alongside our qualified Mentors. As a part of our training program, we will walk you through all the major phases of training, such as skill assessment, learning process and on-the-job training. Our training curricula are custom-made and developed by our Mentors, who possess a variety of exceptional technical skills and excellent professional expertise. So whether you feel like exploring a new career path or want to learn some new skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Let IECC Global help you grow professionally, and land your next dream job!



Join our talent network and become an IECC Global Trainee!

Anyone who wants to become an IECC Global trainee is welcome to apply by filling out the application form below.
  • If chosen, our technical consultant will help determine your strengths and weaknesses and start building the path leading to your new exciting opportunity.

  • Your mentor will build a personalized curriculum tailored to your needs and will be following you along on this journey to success.

  • IECC Global will provide all the learning materials and tools - completely free of charge for you.

  • You’ll learn some new skills and get a chance to utilize them while working with real companies and completing real company projects. 

IECC Global Trainee Application
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