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Employee Training at IECC Global

Employee Training and Development,

from a Global perspective

IECC Global — Where Education and Work Meet.

what we do


Connecting international students with the most reputable international degree programs worldwide. 

Every aspect of the process coordinated by the IECC Global team.

Securing your international talent with the help of J-1 Training and Internship Programs, fine-tuned to perfection by IECC Global.

Exclusive custom training curriculum created by IECC Global Mentors for your employees, tailored to your organization’s needs. 


IECC Global is on a mission to eliminate a severe lack of accessible resources for international and local students, job seekers and employers.
Meet our Board of Directors composed of community leaders with expertise in a broad spectrum of industries, including education, training, staffing, management and business development.
IECC Global offers unique international education, employee training and development and hiring solutions.
We successfully combine an individual approach, innovative training and hiring techniques and international programs knowledge to achieve high results in a short time.


In a Meeting

Expand Your Organization's Growth Potential



Get precise training for the field or project.


Build on your strengths, work on your weaknesses, polish your talents.


Are you an experienced professional in your field and a natural mentor? Do you think that online training is the future of employee education?


Share your knowledge with eager students.

International Students

Transitioning to a new country as an international student can be difficult and stressful.


Find the most relevant resources and assistance in realization of any of your education related goals.


College Lecture

Connecting Students with Institutions Globally

Performing student recruitment and giving students access to top-quality international education and great career opportunities.


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