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IECC Global is an organization formed after the founding members spent over 25 years in the education and staffing industries.


After spending years in the education and employment industries, we noticed a severe lack of accessible resources for local and international students, employers and job seekers. This lack has made the process difficult on all ends, with employers struggling to find qualified trained workers to meet their operational objectives, job applicants unable to land a job due to emerging skill gaps, and recent newcomers and international students unsure of which path to take to reach their career aspirations.


Our goal is to help connect all the dots whether that be with job placement assistance, providing information, counseling services for students and job seekers, or assistance to recent immigrants in their job and educational resources search.

Our Team


Alla Rapoport Founder and CEO at IECC Global

Alla Rapoport

Alla Rapoport is the CEO and Founder of IECC Global, and the President of Armada Solutions, a top staffing and consulting agency which has been connecting employers with talent in Chicagoland since 2002.


Alla spent 25 years in consulting & training, and 15 years in recruiting, which helped her develop a broad professional network and become an employment market expert with deep understanding of latest industry trends. Alla spent over 20 years working for nationwide retraining schools in the United States and Russia, working both as an instructor and consultant. Alla was first in the US to start bringing qualified professionals from overseas under J1 Internship and Training visas for businesses in IT and manufacturing sectors. 




Igor Boguslavsky

Igor Boguslavsky is the Owner, Founder and CEO of Belmont Trading Company. Igor’s Belmont Trading sprouted from the desk of his Chicago apartment on Belmont Avenue in 1988 to become a global recycler of obsolete electronics.


Over the years the company has grown to a full recycling solution for a variety of electronic products such as computers and related IT equipment, mobile phones and accessories, network infrastructure equipment and other types of electronic/electrical products.


Belmont now has facilities in 8 countries with a strong emphasis on cell phone recycling and takeback in Latin America.


Yuri Maltsev

Yuri Maltsev is the Professor of Economics at Carthage College that he joined in 1991. Prior to joining Carthage, Prof. Maltsev was a Senior Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C., a federal research agency. His work involved briefing members of Congress and senior officials at the executive branch on issues of national security and foreign economic assessment. 


Prof. Maltsev has also appeared on CNN, Financial Network News, PBS Newshour, C-Span, Fox News, CBC, and other American, Canadian, and European television and radio programs. He has lectured at leading universities, corporations, banks, colleges, churches, schools, and community centers all over the world. He has authored five books and hundreds of articles in U.S. and foreign publications.


Joe Gallo

Joe Gallo is an independent management consultant specializing in business strategy and operational development. He is the Mayor in the CIty of Rolling Meadows, an active Board Member on the Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce.


Gallo is a technology enthusiast with a passion for emerging technologies.

why IECC Global


IECC Global offers unique global hiring, educational and professional development solutions.


  • Individual approach
    No more soulless online pre-recorded courses - your employees learn in different ways and at different paces. We focus on your needs only, and together we will determine your strengths, weaknesses and skill gaps to make sure all of your training needs are addressed and taken care of.
  • We’re your trusted course for all your hiring and education needs
    We’re committed to being the most trusted resource for businesses, local and international job seekers and students. Our extensive experience in the education and staffing industries, employee training and practices in international education will guarantee the best results, whether it be training your staff members, attracting international talent or college counseling for international students.
  • On-the-job training
    Theoretical training is great and very important, but only practical knowledge will help your employees learn how to do things in the real world. Our personalized curricula involve completing your organization’s real projects, which will help you generate revenue while training your employees.
  • We’re Local. We’re Global
    Are you trying to attract some local talent or looking for foreign workers and exploring alternatives to the H1B? Either way, we’re here to help. Wherever you are, IECC Global can assist with your training needs around the globe and help your employees achieve their professional learning goals.

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