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Exclusive custom training curriculum created by IECC Global Mentors for your employees, tailored to your organization’s needs.

Is your technical team lacking certain knowledge for successful project execution? Do your employees find it difficult to adapt to the rapid development of technology? Would you like your organization to be able to take on more complex projects? 


IECC Global will help your organization reach its project goals while reducing risk, time and expenses related to hiring and training. 

Our team of qualified Mentors, who are innovative and passionate industry leaders possessing a broad range of technical skills, will create a custom personalized employee training curriculum for your organization. 


We pride ourselves in providing an individual approach to every business by determining every specific detail their teams are lacking to perform at their best.

custom employee training
International education solutions


Connecting international students with the most reputable programs worldwide. Every aspect of the process coordinated by the IECC Global team. 

IECC Global’s team has spent years in the educational and employment markets working alongside various educational institutions and directly with local and international students.


Our concise knowledge of international education programs, requirements, college financing options and all other factors helps us fulfill our goal of eliminating a severe lack of resources for international and local students and helping them with outlining the right path to reach their educational and professional goals.


Employing foreign workers has never been easier. Let IECC Global help you secure top international talent, fast and risk-free. 

In recent years, the traditional job visa process has become very complex and costly. While most businesses choose the H1B Visa when it comes to recruiting foreign workers, the visa sponsorship process is highly risky and may not turn out to be the best solution in the long run. To offer businesses a better option, IECC Global has researched alternative methods to help hire and retain international talent, and discovered that J-1 Training and Internship Programs offer much more flexibility to the domestic employers. 


IECC Global has already helped multiple organizations successfully utilize the J-1 Training and Internship Programs as an H1B Visa alternative in order to attract foreign talent. Having gone all the way from start to finish throughout the process and obtained solid knowledge in this field, IECC Global staff has fine-tuned this program to perfection and is ready to offer our services to your organization.

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