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It’s very well known that the growth in international students coming for higher education has a significant positive impact on any country’s economy.


However, most universities and colleges worldwide have started seeing a sharp decline in international student enrollment. While the pandemic is one of the main reasons for the recent decline, a certain decrease has been observed since 2016. 


Speaking from our experience, it is true to say that international students still often have a hard time finding the appropriate resources to overcome all the challenges that they might face along the way. IECC Global is willing to help students get the valuable information that will direct them on how to choose the best university or college. 

Our goal is to promote diversity in the classroom. We provide the essential information about universities and colleges to international students and connect them with reputable programs worldwide.



We offer assistance in:

  • Performing effective local and international student recruitment.

  • Hosting regular informational webinars about particular hot industries and varieties of international educational programs as a part of our virtual student recruitment strategy.

  • Inviting speakers from prestigious universities, colleges and companies in order to educate potential students and promote institutions.

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